LAICA vacuum machines: 3 secrets of better food storage

Vacuum food storage is an increasingly popular method for preserving food which offers a number of benefits in terms of freshness, longevity, practicality, and food safety.

The LAICA vacuum machines are an excellent choice for anyone looking to get the most out of this technique, thanks to their reliability, versatility and ease of use.

As we have mentioned in previous articles, there are many different kinds of LAICA vacuum machines to meet the needs of both large families and people who have more limited requirements, such as those who live alone or students living away from home.

Before we take a look at the three secrets for improving vacuum storage in our kitchens, let’s remind ourselves of the main advantages of this storage technique for both raw and cooked food.

1 - The benefits of vacuum storage


Vacuum storage involves removing or reducing as far as possible the oxygen inside the storage container. This is because oxygen allows bacteria to spread and the food to oxidise.

So the main advantages of this process include:

  • Freshness preserved: the vacuum prevents the food from becoming dehydrated or oxidised, keeping intact its sensory properties, such as its flavour, colour, and texture. Some fresh food, such as seasonal fruit and vegetables, will retain their properties and when you reopen the bag to eat them, they are as good as if you have just bought from the greengrocer’s.
  • Longer shelf life: the vacuum removes the oxygen, which is the main element responsible for food going off, extending its life by up to 5 times compared with traditional methods. The longer shelf life helps you to draw up a weekly meal plan before going to the shops, so you can write a shopping list with the products you need to buy.
  • Practicality and savings: following on from the previous point, vacuum storage allows you to buy more food, so you can take advantage of any offers that you often come across, helping to save significant sums of money. And when you get back home, vacuum storage allows you to optimise the space in the fridge, the freezer, or the food cupboard, preventing food waste.
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  • Food safety: as we have seen, the absence of oxygen creates an atmosphere where bacteria and mould are unable to spread, guaranteeing greater food safety. In addition, since the bags are hermetically sealed, they prevent contamination with other food in either the fridge or food cupboard. If you suffer from allergies or food intolerances, or you need to be more careful when preparing lunch or dinner, then vacuum storage is very helpful.
  • Vacuum storage: LAICA vacuum machines are crucial tool sous-vide (or vacuum) cooking, an innovative technique which delivers dishes cooked at low temperatures, giving outstanding results in terms of flavour, texture, and food safety. The SVC107 thermal circulator from LAICA, the TR1000 and TR2000 heat-resistant bags complete the LAICA range

2 - Secrets for better vacuum storage


As we have seen, the benefits of vacuum storage are both numerous and significant. But there are 3 little tips that could immediately improve the way you use vacuum storage in your kitchen:

  • Choosing the right vacuum machine: have you taken a look at the LAICA range of vacuum machines? You may have noticed that there are many different models with different functions. It is important to choose the vacuum machine which has the right features for your needs, such as the suction power, packaging capacity, and any optional accessories. There is a vast range of LAICA vacuum machines with models to suit every need; if you are looking for a fully automated machine, we recommend the VT3120 which also offers a “rapid marinade” function, whereas if you are looking for something smaller and easier to store in the kitchen, then the VT3104 vacuum machine is the one for you. Check out all of the LAICA vacuum products.
  • Use the right bags and containers: just like with the vacuum machines, it is also crucial to use bags and containers which are designed for vacuum storage, to ensure a perfect seal and to maximise the shelf life of food. A simple bag, for example, is ideal for taking portions of food with you, such as an apple, without it going bad. Similarly, it is also ideal for low temperature cooking. But for storing food which contains liquids, then the LAICA glass smart containers VT3306 and VT3307 are convenient and practical. Take a look at all of the vacuum products.
  • Pay attention to food preparation: before putting in a vacuum, the food must be prepared correctly, cleaning it thoroughly and, where necessary, cooking it. It is crucial to follow the vacuum machine instruction manual to ensure you obtain optimal results. The advantage of vacuum storage is that it is not only for raw food, you can also prepare and store long-term whole meals for the week, already cooked.
With LAICA vacuum machines and these top tips, you can safely and practically store food, preserving its freshness and its flavour for a long time.

3 - Other tips for improving vacuum storage

In addition to these suggestions, here are some other tips for getting the most out of the vacuum technique:

  • Vacuum storage of fresh and seasonal produce: this method is particularly recommended for fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and cured meat.
  • Food portioning: dividing food up into single or family-sized portions makes it easier to defrost and cook at a later date.
  • Labelling the bags: writing the packaging date and the contents on each bag helps to keep the freezer organised and keep track of the freshness of the food.
  • Sous-vide cooking: sous-vide cooking is a method which is healthy and versatile, giving you delicious and  healthy meals.

With a bit of practice and care, vacuum storage can become a valuable tool in the kitchen, allowing you to save time, money, and enjoy fresh and flavoursome food.

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