Reusable containers instead of food vacuum bags – the benefits

The food vacuum technique is often implemented using dedicated hermetically sealed bags. However, there are also practical and convenient rigid containers that offer several benefits.

The food vacuum process is a preservation technique that eliminates the air inside the container. The process eliminates oxygen, which is responsible for food spoilage.

Residual air in a bag or container is conducive to oxidation and microbial proliferation. By eliminating the air, the likelihood that microorganisms will cause the food to spoil is significantly reduced, extending the useful life of the food itself. By how much? As we have already seen in this article, food vacuum-packing allows us to extend the life of the food we store up to 5 times longer.

Benefits of using a rigid container

food vacuum bags and machine

Using bags or rolls for food vacuum storage is now a widespread practice, but recently, Laica introduced its new VT3305 rigid food vacuum storage containers.

They are strong, durable and reusable BPA-Free plastic 1 litre and 2 litre containers, perfect for refrigerated storage and transport. Another option is using these containers for marinating food. This function is performed by Laica food vacuum machines.

A major advantage of the VT3305 containers is that they are very convenient. Let's take an example: what if you're preparing dinner and decide to cook more rice than you need so that you can take it to work the next day or have it for lunch another day? No problem – you can store the extra portion in the Laica container that very evening and save it for later, then the next morning or over the next few days, you can open the container as many times as you need to and take out the amount of rice you want, then reseal it and vacuum-pack it again, preserving the freshness and goodness of the food. So easy and practical.

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Laica food vacuum containers are versatile and can be used in different situations, such as lunch at the office or a family picnic.

The containers are also perfect for storing fruit and vegetables and keeping them as fresh as when you picked them up from your local greengrocer.

How to use them

rigid food vacuum storage containers

Using them in conjunction with a Laica food vacuum machine is really very quick and easy:

  1. Place the food vacuum container and the machine on a flat, dry surface.
  2. Fill the container up to a maximum of 3 cm below the top.
  3. Place the cover on top, making sure the seal is clean and dry.
  4. Connect one of the two tube connectors to the suction hole on the Laica food vacuum machine and insert the other into the vent valve in the vacuum container cover.
  5. Press the CANISTER button on the food vacuum machine and wait for it to automatically switch off.
  6. Disconnect the tube from the container cover and the food vacuum machine.

Now you have a vacuum; it's important to store the container in the fridge. This is because every foodstuff contains small amounts of moisture within it, which would still allow microorganisms to multiply. The very low temperatures in a fridge will slow down this growth.

Another step to bear in mind and not forget: it's important to clean the containers well before each use.
Residues from previous storage or other foreign bodies could affect the vacuum that has been created or stimulate and encourage bacterial and microorganism growth.

Laica VT3305 food vacuum containers are practical, convenient and can be used for all types of food and liquid.

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