Sous Vide cooking made easy with the LAICA range

Are you looking for an easy way to cook Michelin-quality dishes? Then sous-vide cooking is the right choice for you!

Just imagine being able to enjoy meals that are cooked evenly and flawlessly, where every bite is bursting with flavour. Sous-vide cooking makes this a reality, preserving the nutrients and flavours of the food, enhancing its aroma and taste.

The LAICA product range makes this refined culinary technique accessible to everyone, opening the doors to a world of unrivalled flavours and textures. Immerse yourself in the wonder and flavour of sous-vide cooking.

1 - What is sous-vide cooking?


Let’s begin with a simple definition. Sous-vide, or vacuum, cooking is a method where the food is first sealed in vacuum bags using a special machine and then cooked at a low temperature for an extended period of time using a thermal circulator or a water oven.

2 - What tools are needed for sous-vide cooking?

Before we consider the many advantages and benefits of this cooking method, let’s take a look at the main tools needed.

Vacuum bags

It is important to choose high-quality bags which are designed for cooking. These are bags which can withstand high temperatures and which can also be used for storing food in the fridge. 

What is available in the LAICA product range?
TR1000 Thermo Resistant Bags
These are laminated, embossed bags designed for sous-vide cooking, which can withstand temperatures up to 100°C, Size 25 x 30 cm, sold in packets of 30 bags.
They are tested in specialist laboratories and do not release undesirable substances during cooking or storage. 
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TR2000 Thermo Resistant Film Rolls
These are laminated, textured rolls of film designed for sous-vide cooking, which can withstand temperatures up to 100°C, Size 25 cm x 3 m, sold in packets of 2 rolls.
They are tested in specialist laboratories and do not release undesirable substances during cooking or storage. 
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Vacuum Machine


Obviously, this is a vital tool for removing the air from the bag, creating the vacuum. The vacuum machine then also seals the bag and, in addition to sous-vide cooking, it is also crucial for vacuum storage and organising your fridge and food cupboards. The LAICA range of vacuum machines is extensive and each product has its own special features and different functions. Below are two of our most popular models.

What is available in the LAICA product range?
VT3120 Vacuum Machine
The fully automatic VT3120 vacuum machine has a double suction pump and a dual sealing bar. The suction power is adjustable, and it has three sealing settings. The device also has a locking handle, a space for the bag roll with a cutter and features the “rapid marinade” function.
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VT3205 Vacuum Machine
Super compact, the VT3205 vacuum machine fits easily into a kitchen drawer. And that’s not all: with its magnetic base, the VT3205 can also be attached to a metal surface such as a fridge door, so it is always close to hand.
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Immersion Thermal Circulator

This appliance is easy to use. It is this device which cooks the food at low temperatures: it sucks up water, heats it to the pre-set temperature and then re-injects it into the pan. It keeps the temperature constant throughout the set time period and stops the food from burning or being underdone.

What is available in the LAICA product range?
SVC107 Immersion Thermal Circulator
The SVC107 is a very precise tool which is incredibly easy to set up. Once it is attached to the pan and the program has been selected, you can happily get on with other things because the SVC107 thermal circulator runs the cooking program completely independently.
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3 - The many advantages of sous-vide cooking


This cooking method, which is widely used in many famous and high-end restaurants, offers a many advantages and benefits that you can enjoy in your own kitchen thanks to the range of LAICA products for the world of sous-vide cooking:

  • Even cooking: compared with traditional cooking methods, the great advantage of sous-vide cooking lies in the fact that every part of the food is perfectly cooked, avoiding burning or annoying undercooked areas. A big help when it comes to food safety.
  • Better conservation of nutrients: a low temperature cooking cycle helps to preserve vitamins, mineral salts and other precious nutrients. The nutritional properties of all cooked food remain unaltered, which is another great benefit of this technique, especially for produce such as vegetables, which are so important for our bodies.
  • Intense flavours: as the food is hermetically sealed and vacuum packed, during cooking it only comes into contact with the spices and flavourings that you decide to put in the bag. This means that not only is the colour and aroma of the food perfectly preserved, it also has a more intense and nuanced flavour.
  • Precise control: thanks to easy-to-use appliances, the desired temperature can always be set very precisely, so that you get the desired result every time. The texture will always be perfect, never too raw or over-cooked, never dry, hard, or boiled. Vacuum cooking retains the authenticity and genuineness of all foodstuffs, every time.
  • Cooking without fat: no need to add oil or butter, for healthier, lighter cooking.
  • Conservation: another advantage which is often overlooked is food storage. Food which is cooked sous-vide, once the water or ice has been removed at the end of the cooking process, is ready to be stored immediately. This prevents freezer burns and the food can be kept for longer. In addition, with vacuum storage, your fridge, freezer or food cupboard will never have been better organised or tidier. (and the benefits of vacuum storage don’t end there, there are so many of them)
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