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Saving water: 5 small ways to protect the environment

Mar 19, 2024 9:00:00 AM

Water is a precious resource but it is also finite. The idea that water is not infinite and that it must be protected and preserved is still..

5 simple everyday ways to reduce microplastics

Mar 13, 2024 8:30:00 AM

Microplastics are infinitesimally small particles of plastic which, as we have written about many times in articles on this blog, can now be found in..

Detox habits: 3 simple ways to cleanse your body of toxins

Feb 28, 2024 9:00:00 AM

Toxins are harmful substances which build up in our bodies due to environmental and emotional factors, such as a hectic or stressful life, or as a..

Do good-mood foods really exist?

Jan 30, 2024 8:15:00 AM

“We are what we eat”, as a famous saying goes. But is it true? Is there a relationship between what we put on our plates and our mood? And if so,..

Hydration and sports: water as a fundamental ally

Jan 19, 2024 5:47:40 PM

If you practice sports, you know how important it is to hydrate properly before, during and after exercising. Water is essential for your bodily..

Wellness for body and mind: the benefits of contact with nature

Dec 30, 2023 5:17:00 PM

Sometimes, the stress and frenetic pace of life can take over our days. And it is often our physical and mental health which bears the brunt of this..

The Dual Flo electric kettle from LAICA: an essential innovation

Dec 24, 2023 11:00:00 AM

Increasingly, Italians are more likely to own an electric kettle, a practical and efficient appliance for more than just making hot drinks.

Sustainable diets: helping our planet by eating well

Dec 17, 2023 2:59:00 PM

Our food choices play an important role in the well-being of our planet. Trying to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, including at meal times with a..

The 6 benefits of filtered water

Dec 13, 2023 11:17:00 AM

In recent years, filtered water has become increasingly common sight in our homes and on our dining tables: filter bottles and jugs or filters fitted..

ISEO Breakfast Set: the perfect pairing of toaster and filter kettle

Dec 4, 2023 1:58:00 PM

Often overlooked, a toaster is a household appliance which can quickly make itself irreplaceable in your kitchen. Something which can make our..