The Dual Flo electric kettle from LAICA: an essential innovation

Increasingly, Italians are more likely to own an electric kettle, a practical and efficient appliance for more than just making hot drinks.

The new Dual Flo kettle is the innovative solution from LAICA which adds an important function to an appliance which is increasingly useful in kitchens. Let’s take a look at it together!

Why do you need an electric kettle?

Dual Flo electric kettle

There are numerous benefits to having an electric kettle in your kitchen. Many people think that “a device for heating water” is only useful if you are someone who likes drinking hot mugs of tea in the winter. Or maybe they think that there is no point having an electric kettle when they already have a teapot or a stovetop kettle. So why should you add an electric kettle to your kitchen?

Because it is a convenient device which offers other advantages that are too often under-appreciated or ignored.
An electric kettle is convenient because it heats water quickly, much faster than a teapot placed on the hob. This provides an instant time saving. And saving time means also saving energy when compared with the energy required to boil water in a pan or teapot on the hob.

quante bottiglie di plastica consumi

Moreover, with an electric kettle, even if you have forgotten you have left it on it will automatically switch off when the water boils, ensuring that the water doesn’t completely evaporate and meaning you are not unnecessarily using power. This automation system is obviously not a feature with stovetop kettles. All of this results in a significant financial saving. It’s just for hot tea, isn't it? No, an electric kettle can also be used for heating water for boiling pasta or preparing baby food for your children. This is all part of helping you to save time, same energy, and save money.

What makes the Dual Flo kettle so innovative?

Dual Flo electric kettle 2

The Dual Flo kettle from LAICA offers all of the advantages described above but it also incorporates another feature into a kettle: it allows you to boil and dose the desired quantity of water, avoiding waste. A very handy solution.
The Dual Flo is a standard kettle with an automatic “One-Cup Dispenser” function. This is a highly innovative solution which reduces the amount of water wasted throughout the day.
The Dual Flo can hold up to 1.5 L of water (max. Capacity) to boil but it also offers the option of pouring a single glass of water. A simple feature which allows you to save more energy, an ideal way to look after your hydration whilst caring for the planet.
The Dual Flo kettle is efficient and environmentally friendly and is also a compact size.

Technical features of the Dual Flo kettle from LAICA

We will briefly summarise the main features of the new Dual Flo electric kettle from LAICA.

Further information can be found on the product data sheet:

  • Capacity: Min. 0.75 L - Max. 1.5 L
  • Single cup dose: 150 – 250 ml
  • First cup preparation time: < 60 seconds
  • Size: 24.5 ⟷ x 21.2 ↑ x 26.6 ⤢ cmì
  • Power input: EU 2.4 KW
  • Voltage: 220-240V ~ 50-60Hz
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