Home Water Filtration: What You Need to Know [Ultimate Guide]

Drinking water's good for you.
Drinking water is good for us because hydration improves and purifies our system.
Drinking water is very important and something we must never forget to do.

As we all know, our body is composed largely of water. Maintaining daily hydration is one of the best ways to preserve and protect our bodies.

Ignoring your hydration means essentially neglecting your health; you risk multiple consequences.
Now, drinking water is simple to do, but choosing which water to drink can be a bit more complicated. Indeed, not all water is the same.

Traditionally, water is said to be tasteless and odourless, but we know from experience that glasses of water taken from different sources can seem to taste and smell quite different.

What is it that gives us the impression that one water is 'more metallic' than another?
What makes water taste unpleasant at times?
What characteristics should we look for in the water we drink every day?


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1 - What do we mean by tap water filtration? How do filters work?

The water supplied through the public mains network and that flows from our taps is generally safe and drinkable. The filtration systems we consider here primarily improve certain water quality parameters, but they cannot treat unsafe water to make it drinkable.

By water filtration, we mean the process that, through the use of household water filtration equipment, gives us great-tasting water, effectively reducing undesirable elements that may be present, such as chlorine, limescale or other undesirable substances.

Household appliances that allow this improvement in water quality are usually equipped with an activated carbon filter that acts as the water passes through, mainly removing chlorine. This type of filtration preserves and maintains the mineral salts that are naturally present in the water supply and are important for our body's health.

2 - Benefits of filtration

More and more people are choosing water filtration equipment to use in their homes.
But what are the benefits that have led to an increased consumption of filtered water?
There are many benefits to drinking filtered water.

Many consumers appreciate the idea of improving the taste of their water to make it more enjoyable. Tap water at home can sometimes have an unpleasant taste and smell, but a basic filtration appliance like a jug can solve this problem.

Saving money is also much appreciated. Water bill savings depend on how much water an individual or family consumes. As previously discussed, knowing how much and when to drink water is essential. However, by using a home filtration system and drinking a few glasses of water with each meal, we can truly save money.

Let's also remember the significant positive impact on the environment when we eliminate heavy and costly crates of plastic bottles. This action is a great service to our planet because a significant amount of pollution is generated from our excessive reliance on single-use plastic bottling for water and soft drinks.

Do you know how many plastic bottles you consume a year? Find out now with our calculator!

Furthermore, filtered and improved quality water is also an advantage in cooking when preparing desserts or pastry dough, and great pasta starts from great water! Find out more about using filtered water in the kitchen.

3 - How to filter water? What filtration systems does LAICA offer?

papà-bottigliaThanks to its many years of experience in the world of home filtration, Laica is able to offer a complete range of filter appliances that are easy to use and suit all needs. Staying well-hydrated every day helps you uphold and protect your metabolism's natural rhythms, ultimately enhancing your body's innate performance. Let's take a look at Laica's filtration products that can simplify and improve our daily hydration routine.

Filter jugs

Convenient and practical, Laica filter jugs are fitted with a Bi-Flux® cartridge that effectively reduces chlorine, heavy metals and rust while retaining the minerals that are naturally present in tap water. Laica jugs are 100% Made in Italy and very easy to use. Each jug is fitted with two tanks that are connected via the Bi-flux cartridge. Simply place the jug under the tap so that the water fills the upper tank via the lid opening. Wait a few moments for the water to pass through the Bi-flux filter cartridge and reach the lower tank. At this point, the water in the lower tank is perfectly filtered and ready to use. See all the different shapes and colours available in Laica jugs.

Flow'n Go Filter Bottle

Convenient and lightweight, the Flow'n Go filter bottle from Laica is the perfect companion for all those who want to keep themselves hydrated on a daily basis. Simple to use, the Flow'n Go bottle is equipped with a FAST DISK™ filter that instantly filters tap water as you pour it into the glass. 
Read all about the Flow'n Go filter bottle now.

GlaSSmart™ Glass Filter Bottle

The GlaSSmart™ glass filter bottle is the must-have product for those who need a daily filter appliance. Glass allows water's natural characteristics to be preserved in a totally safe way. Inside the cap is the FAST DISK™ filter, which, like the Flow'n Go bottle, allows instant water filtration. A great convenience for those looking for a fast and dynamic filter appliance. Read more about the GlaSSmart™ filter bottle and discover the offer in the Laica Shop.


LAICA tap filter

Being able to take advantage of local water from your home network is very convenient. With the Laica tap filter, you can have great-tasting filtered water whenever you need it. The HYDROSMART™ filter allows for constant and instant ultrafiltration of mains water, reducing any undesirable substances that may be present. Learn about the three functions of the Laica tap filter that make daily hydration better and easier. Find out about compatibility with the new, eco-friendly HYDROSMART+ METAL STOP filter, which also reduces heavy metals like cadmium and lead.


GENOVA tap filter

The GENOVA tap filter is the perfect LAICA product for everyday great-tasting filtered water directly from your kitchen tap. Like the LAICA tap filter, the GENOVA tap filter uses the ultrafiltration technology provided by the HYDROSMART™ Filter, which also removes microplastics, rust, chlorine, herbicides, chlorinated organic solvents and sand.

The GENOVA tap filter has two functions that can be adjusted using a handy chrome switch: filtered water function and unfiltered water function. Now you can discover the convenience of having filtered and safe zero-kilometre water available at all times.

The GENOVA tap filter is also compatible with the new HYDROSMART+ METAL STOP filter, which also blocks and reduces heavy metals like lead and cadmium.


MyLAICA™ Stainless Steel Filter Bottle

The new MyLaica™ Filter Water Bottle is an innovative, easy-to-clean product that is perfect for those who want great-tasting filtered water at all times of the day, even at the gym or on the go. The water bottle's filter cap houses the FAST DISK™ filter, which allows the drinkable water you pour through it to be instantly filtered. FAST DISK™ is an activated carbon filter produced in Italy that reduces chlorine and limescale while preserving the mineral salts that are naturally present in water. Discover the new MyLaica™ filter flask and learn about the importance of maintaining filter flasks and bottles on a daily basis.


4 - What to consider when purchasing a filtration system?


The first thing that must be made clear is that the filtration systems we are looking at will not turn non-drinking water into drinking water. Before proceeding, we should make it clear that the filtration systems we are going to talk about mainly act on parameters that affect how enjoyable the water is, how it tastes (that metallic taste you sometimes get) and how it smells. The aim of the filter appliances we mention is to provide the end consumer with great-tasting water. With this in mind, we have drawn up this guide to help you choose the filtration system that best suits your needs.

It is often said that water rich in limestone 'gives you stones'. People often advise against drinking tap water for this very reason. But is this really true? Not at all – it's a false myth, and experts unanimously agree that there is no correlation between the two. If you want to learn more, you can read the article "Does tap water give you kidney stones?".  

5 - Why is a filtration system important for environmental awareness?


The problem of single-use plastic pollution is a highly sensitive issue that requires immediate attention. Plastic waste, often in the form of microplastics, is contaminating oceans, seas, and rivers around the globe. These tiny fragments are so small that they are almost invisible, yet they can end up in our food or water supply. In response to this urgent matter, the European Parliament has implemented strict regulations that prohibit certain everyday actions. To learn more about these regulations, please refer to the EU Directive.

For years, we have relied heavily on single-use plastic in our daily practices and habits. For instance, we consume countless bottles of water and frequently use plastic plates and utensils at events like birthday parties to avoid the hassle of cleaning dishes.

The result is that today the world's pollution is mostly made up of single-use plastics or, if we look at it from another angle, it consists largely of our misbehaviour, our laziness and our constant desire for convenience. Trying to reduce and diminish the presence of plastic in everyday life is, today more than ever, a necessity.

home water filtration nature

At Laica, we prioritise responsible use of the Earth's resources in every stage of our product development, from design to manufacturing. We strive to encourage eco-friendly practices among small and medium-sized enterprises, and make continuous efforts to improve our own practices. One area we pay particular attention to is our packaging materials, which consist of 100% recyclable or recycled materials that are safe for the environment. To learn more about our dedication to sustainable practices, visit our website.

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6 - How much can you save by drinking tap water?


Despite a period of economic uncertainty, the spending capacity of Italian households has remained more or less stable over the past three years, according to data from ISTAT, Italy’s national statistics body. Obviously, these figures will have to be updated for 2020, a difficult year that cannot be analysed at this time but one that should lead to an increase in the average spending figures, given the lockdown periods in which we were at home. But to what extent does the ‘drinking water’ item affect family expenditure? How much can you save by switching to tap water? Find out how much 'single-use plastic bottled water' can affect a household's budget.

7 - Technology can help. The free Laica Home Wellness app


For more than thirty years, Laica has been developing and manufacturing practical and technologically advanced home wellness and home filtration products. It was just this technological side of its products that prompted Laica to create an application for smartphones (both iOS and Android) that allows you to keep an eye on all of Laica's smart products. As far as the world of water filtration is concerned, Laica Home Wellness allows you to register each FAST DISK™ or HYDROSMART™ filter you are going to use in very few simple steps, thus optimising their operation and enabling you to receive automatic notifications on your smartphone when the filter needs to be changed. Discover all the features of the Laica Home Wellness app.

8 - Maintenance and cleaning of filtration systems

homw water filtration

How do you clean a filter jug properly? Can a filter bottle be washed in a dishwasher? Can the filter be washed with hot water and reused? Consumers have many questions when it comes to the cleaning and maintenance of filter appliances. Read all the answers to questions consumers have about filter appliance maintenance.

Laica: the great taste of home water

Laica filter systems are the perfect way to improve the taste of domestic drinking water. Decades of experience in the sector have made Laica a leading manufacturer of home filtration appliances: practical, easy-to-use products with a contemporary design, perfectly safe and Made in Italy. Our continuing quest for innovation, together with ongoing research into shapes, materials and production processes, has enabled Laica to offer a complete range of items that are ideal for those who want to keep hydrated on a daily basis and carefully and effectively look after their health. Discover the world of Laica filtration.

quante bottiglie di plastica consumi

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