Water in a glass bottle: try GlaSSmart – it filters as you pour

Using a glass bottle for water is often recommended as a way of replacing the use of disposable plastic water bottles. Of course, this is a good first step, given the large volumes of microplastic pollution, but this solution alone does not offer all the advantages and benefits that come with daily use of the LAICA GlaSSmart glass filter bottle.

This innovative home filtration product from LAICA offers the convenience of drinking tap water. Thanks to the Fast Disk filter, filtration takes place instantly as you pour the water into the glass, so your water will always taste great and be free of many undesirable substances, as we shall see in the rest of the article.

Benefits of using glass

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Choosing glass bottles for your water, as we have said, is a good option for reducing the impact of using single-use plastic. In fact, glass is reusable and totally recyclable. Not only that, but glass is also an excellent material that allows the characteristics and qualities of the water contained in it to be preserved safely, both during transport and when storing the bottle in the fridge. So, why should you choose a product like the GlaSSmart glass filter bottle?

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Filtration: the advantages of the LAICA GlaSSmart glass bottle

There are several inconveniences that come with drinking water from disposable plastic bottles. Firstly, you need time to go to the shop and buy them. Then, you have to carry them home and find a place to store them. However, the downside does not end there. Improper disposal of plastics can severely harm the environment, and if you don't keep track of your supply, you may suddenly find yourself without water to drink. Staying with bottles but opting for glass means does mean less environmental impact, but that choice is not entirely trouble-free either. You could opt for a home-delivery service, but you would still have to carry the cases inside, allocate storage space for full bottles and empties, keeping the latter separated and organising their return.

GlaSSmart is an eco-friendly, innovative and, above all, very convenient solution. Here's why.

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The GlaSSmart glass bottle allows you to filter the water it contains every time you pour your drink, thanks to the instant filtration made possible by the FAST DISK™ filter fitted in the cap.

By choosing to use GlaSSmart, you will never run out of water to drink, and you will never have to carry heavy loads home from the supermarket. Thanks to GlaSSmart, you benefit from the convenience of zero-kilometre water straight from your tap, which is always available and drinkable. A big difference.

The GlaSSmart glass bottle is elegantly designed and 100% Made in Italy, allowing it to be conveniently stored in the door of your fridge, as well as placed in the centre of your dinner table or on a desk in your study.

quante bottiglie di plastica consumi

What does the FAST DISK™ filter contained in the GlaSSmart glass bottle filter out?

With the GlaSSmart glass bottle, you can drink great-tasting filtered water at any time.

How does filtration work? Simple, just like pouring a glass of water! This is not a play on words but rather the practical and rapid performance of instant filtration designed by LAICA. The filter is 'hidden' inside the cap. Once the bottle has been filled with drinkable water from your home tap and the cap screwed on, simply pour the water into a glass.

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FAST DISK™ is a 100% Made-in-Italy, activated carbon filter that reduces chlorine, chlorinated organic solvents and pesticides, as well as blocking microplastics while still retaining naturally present minerals that are useful for the body.

The GlaSSmart glass bottle has a capacity of 1.1 litres, and the FAST DISK™ filter can filter as much as 120 litres, equivalent to about one month of great-tasting filtered water.

How do I know when it's time to change the filter? This is also simple! Simply use the free Laica Home Wellness app that allows you to optimise the filter life and generate an automatic notification when it needs to be replaced.

Is mains water safe? Why does it need filtering?

We have seen that, compared to consuming disposable plastic bottled water, choosing to use the GlaSSmart glass filter bottle is much more convenient (no transport or storage), safer (the glass preserves the water's characteristics), more practical (you just turn on the tap and fill the bottle to get great-tasting water) – but what is great-tasting water? Can it be trusted?

In the LAICA Blog, we have often discussed the issue of domestic tap water and its quality, which is usually very good. GlaSSmart significantly improves the taste of your tap water and counters the undesirable substances it may sometimes contain. For example, chlorine is normally used to make water safe and drinkable throughout the mains water system; of course, it is not harmful but often makes the water taste 'bitter'. With GlaSSmart, this bad taste disappears.

Italian tap water is one of the best in Europe, not least because the analysis parameters imposed by law are very stringent and continuously monitored in various hubs of the Italian water network. More than 99% of the samples analysed comply with safety parameters, and any inconsistencies or momentary contaminations are rapidly addressed. So, it is no coincidence that increasingly more Italians are choosing to drink tap water on a daily basis.

With GlaSSmart, you can further enhance your enjoyment of tap water while benefiting from the convenience of drinking it and the uninterrupted availability of local water!

quante bottiglie di plastica consumi

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