GlaSSmart: the glass bottle with instant water filtration

According to an ISTAT survey, 66% of Italians choose to drink tap water. However, people sometimes complain that mains water tastes bad. With 30 years of experience in home filtration, Laica has now launched the GlaSSmart™ glass filter bottle onto the market.

The GlaSSmart™ filter bottle is an innovative eco-friendly daily hydration solution. It holds up to 1.1 litres of water and can be easily stored in the most accessible part of your fridge, kept in the centre of the dining table or on your bedside table at night.


Water is instantly purified as it passes through the FAST DISK™ filter fitted into the bottle's lid. This filter retains all the beneficial minerals naturally present in tap water. As well as improving the water's taste, FAST DISK™ also reduces its chlorine content.

Design, glass and environment


Laica's GlaSSmart™ is an elegant, innovative and 100% Made-in-Italy filter bottle.
Glass is a material that allows water's natural properties to be preserved in the best and safest way possible. And that's not all; glass is also an environmentally sustainable choice, as it's reusable and totally recyclable.

If you're looking for a safe and reliable alternative to consuming water in disposable plastic bottles and want your actions to be as eco-friendly as possible, the GlaSSmart™ filter bottle is your best choice. Laica has always been mindful of the environmental impact of its production chain and has consistently embraced eco-friendly behaviour and a commitment to sustainability.

quante bottiglie di plastica consumi

How does GlaSSmart work? Why should you get a filter system?

As outlined in this article, public water supplies are generally reliable and of high quality. However, some users may sometimes find that the water has an unpleasant taste.

Nevertheless, 'bad taste' does not necessarily mean that water is of poor quality. The taste is often altered by the presence of chlorine, which is justifiably used by water companies to ensure that the water remains drinkable throughout the water distribution network. Water's taste can be easily improved by the Laica GlaSSmart™ filter bottle, which is fitted with a filter that significantly improves the taste of tap water.


The FAST DISK™ activated carbon filter provides instant water filtration. Laica's new filter appliance is designed for immediate use: fill the bottle, screw on the lid and pour.
The FAST DISK™ filter acts to reduce the presence of chlorine while preserving the minerals that are naturally present in the water and beneficial for our bodies The FAST DISK™ filter is good for 120 litres of water or one month of use. You can also link the filter to your smartphone using the free Laica Home Wellness app, which automatically alerts you when the filter needs to be replaced.

The GlaSSmart™ filter bottle is the perfect companion for everyone who enjoys drinking great-tasting water in the comfort of their own home so that they stay hydrated every day.

You can purchase the Laica GlaSSmart™ filter bottle, complete with 3 FAST DISK™ filters, exclusively from the Laica Shop.

quante bottiglie di plastica consumi

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