How to keep your filter jug or bottle clean and safe

People who buy a filter appliance generally do so because they want to drink 'better' water at home: carrying less weight, drinking water that tastes better, reducing the impact on the environment and, ultimately, being able to drink more water – quite simply, improving their drinking experience overall.

Once you've purchased a filter appliance for your home, you want to keep drinking the best possible water, so the question is: how do you keep it completely clean and hygienic?

Cleaning methods depend on the appliance

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Each type of equipment has different features, not only in terms of design and capacity but also in terms of filter solutions.

Some appliances may have only one filter, while others may have more than one, and other filter systems may have more delicate features (such as the residual filter life indicator).

If your appliance is not dishwasher-proof, how do you clean it as effectively?

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General rules for cleaning a filter appliance

Although the cleaning procedure varies depending on the jug's components, there are some general rules to follow in order to clean it in the best possible way.

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning the appliance
  2. Always remove the filter before washing the tank.
  3. Place the filter on a clean surface while cleaning all other components.
  4. Wash all components, except the filter, by hand with warm water and washing up liquid at least 2–3 times a week.
  5. Make sure you rinse it well and remove all soap residue
    quante bottiglie di plastica consumi
  6. Thoroughly clean inside the pouring channel at least 2–3 times a week
  7. For jugs with a removable indicator, this should be removed from the jug before cleaning the lid and then reinserted once all components are dry.
  8. Do not wash the cartridge with soap or detergent.
  9. Do not use other chemicals or abrasives.
    If the filter requires periodic cleaning, we recommend following the instructions in the filter manual.

Rules for proper maintenance of the appliance

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In addition to periodic cleaning to keep the filter appliance hygienic, it's important to observe a few basic rules so that the jug or bottle is not damaged by inappropriate use.

  1. If the filter appliance is not used for 24 hours, discard the water that is still inside, fill the tank and allow it to filter. The filter appliance is again ready for use.
  2. Store the filter appliance in the fridge. The fridge should be kept hygienically clean.
  3. Use only cold water (+4 °C to +30 °C).
  4. Filter only water, do not filter any other type of liquid.

quante bottiglie di plastica consumi

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