Which water filter should you choose? Guide to all LAICA filters

Not all water filters are the same. It's important to explore this issue because, when we talk about filtration appliances, we often tend to only mention cost and design and forget to examine the most important part of these products: the filter.

Every filter is designed and manufactured to meet a specific need. Before buying a filtration appliance, we really should seek the best filter for our needs and only then determine which appliance it is compatible with.

Different filters act on different types of substances and have varying capacities and filtration times, which can make all the difference when it comes to providing your daily hydration.

In this article, we will review all the currently marketed Laica filters. It's important to remember that these are appliances for filtering water that is, in  any case, organically safe and drinkable.

In order to ensure optimal performance of our filter system, we provide information on the filtration capacity in litres and the duration of each filter. It is important to replace the filters according to the recommended time intervals. We suggest using filtered water not only for drinking but also for other related purposes, such as cooking, making coffee and boiling kettles.

Here is the list of Laica filters:

  • Biflux® filter cartridge
  • FAST DISK™ filter
  • HYDROSMART™ filter
  • MikroPLASTIK-STOP™ filter

Bi-Flux filter cartridge – great-tasting, safe water

Bi-Flux filter cartridge

The Laica Bi-flux® cartridge is certainly the filter everyone has come to associate with great-tasting water, as it is widely used in Italian homes. Used exclusively in Laica filter jugs*, the Bi-Flux® cartridge effectively reduces water hardness and the presence of chlorine, improving the taste of domestic drinking water. The Bi-Flux® cartridge also effectively reduces heavy metals, chemical contaminants, some chlorinated pesticides and herbicides, and trihalomethanes, all of which can sometimes be present in our tap water.

Filtration retains the mineral salts that are naturally present in the water and are useful for our bodies. The Bi-Flux® cartridge is patented exclusively by Laica and 100% Made in Italy and has been tested and certified by accredited independent laboratories.
The filter cartridge is easy to replace once it has been used up and can be activated with a few simple steps – watch the video!

An overview of the Bi-Flux® cartridge:

What does it filter out? It reduces hardness and chlorine, heavy metals, chlorinated pesticides and herbicides, and trihalomethanes. It retains the mineral salts that are naturally present in mains water.

Which Laica product is it compatible with? All Laica jugs* – discover the full range

How long does it last? With a capacity of 150 litres, it provides one month of use

(*with the exception of Multi-flux jugs)

FAST DISK™ filter – simple and practical for instant filtration


FAST DISK™ is an innovative activated carbon filter that is compatible with Laica's instant filtration products. Its main feature is the ability to filter water instantly. Extremely convenient: you fill the bottle with tap water, seal the cap (where the filter is housed) and pour out the water.

The water gets filtered when you pour it into a glass or drink it. This saves considerable filtration time, which translates into convenience and ease of use.

The FAST DISK™ filter reduces chlorine, greatly improving the taste of water. The FAST DISK™ filtration process does not eliminate any of the mineral salts needed by the body that are present in the water supply.

quante bottiglie di plastica consumi

Because it is so practical to use, the FAST DISK™ filter is fitted inside the Flow'n Go Filter Bottle – a reusable, BPA-free, impact-resistant plastic bottle – in the elegant GlaSSmart™ Filter Bottle – made of 100% reusable glass – and in the brand new MyLAICA Filter Bottle – a stainless steel bottle that is perfect for drinking great-tasting water on the go. If you want to stop consuming water from disposable plastic bottles, these Laica filter appliances are a safe, practical and reliable alternative.

FAST DISK™ filters are designed, developed and manufactured in Italy and represent the ideal ecological solution for people who want to be able to drink great-tasting water wherever they are.

With the free Laica Home Wellness app, available for iPhone and Android, you can optimise the FAST DISK™ filter in your filter bottle or flask and receive a notification when the filter needs to be replaced.

An overview of the FAST-DISK™ filter:

What does it filter out? It reduces chlorine while preserving the mineral salts that our bodies need. Filtration occurs instantly

Which Laica product is it compatible with? Flow'n Go Filter Bottle (here), GlaSSmart Glass Filter Bottle (here), MyLAICA Stainless Steel Filter Bottle (here)

How long does it last? 120 litres or about one month of use

Can it be optimised with LAICA Home Wellness? Yes

HYDROSMART™ filter – great-tasting water straight from the tap

filtra hydrosmart laica

Laica's HYDROSMART™ filter has been developed by Laica to improve mains water by instantly filtering it as it comes out of the tap.

What's really convenient about this filter is that it can be connected directly to your kitchen tap using Laica's tap filter. Water is instantly filtered when you turn on the tap.

The HYDROSMART™ filter effectively reduces the presence of chlorine in domestic water. More importantly, it can also reduce microplastic particles, chlorinated herbicides and pesticides, sand, rust and other suspended particles that may be present in mains water.

As with the FAST DISK™ filter, HYDROSMART™ can also be optimised through the free Laica Home Wellness app: simply use your smartphone to scan the QR code on the filter and set all the required parameters. The filter has a 900 litre capacity, or about three months of use. When it runs out, Laica Home Wellness will send a notification that it needs to be replaced.

Replacing it is simple and can be done in just a few seconds.

An overview of the HYDROSMART™ filter:

What does it filter out? Instantly filters out microplastics, chlorine, chlorinated herbicides and pesticides, sand, rust and suspended particles.

Which Laica product is it compatible with? LAICA (here) and GENOVA (here) tap filters

How long does it last? 900 litres or about three months of use

Can it be optimised with LAICA Home Wellness? Yes

Mikro-PLASTIK STOP™ filter – the filter that blocks microplastics

filtro mikroplastik

The MikroPLASTIK-STOP™ is Laica's innovative, 100% Made in Italy filter that can block any microplastics that may be present in mains water. It stops 99.99% of particles ≥ 0.1 µm in size.

Microplastic pollution is a hotly-debated issue that we have also addressed many times in the Laica Blog. Every year, humans produce and disperse a huge amount of waste into the environment, mainly consisting of single-use plastics. We're not just talking about plastic bottles, tableware and packaging, but also the synthetic microfibres from washing machines and the plastic dust from tyres.

This waste not only pollutes our environment, making our streets, cities and green areas filthy; it also finds its way into our waterways, seas and oceans, where the constant action of waves, wind and microbes breaks down plastic waste into tiny fragments known as microplastics, which are often invisible to the naked eye.

As we have seen, there is a close link between contaminated water and the food chain. Microplastics can end up in our food and in the water we drink.

The MikroPLASTIK-STOP™ filter, which has a treatment capacity of 1000 litres – approximately one year of filtered water – effectively blocks these plastic fragments so they don't end up in our drinking water.

Through the modular system in the MikroPLASTIK-STOP™ jug, which includes the MikroPLASTIK-STOP™ filter and the Bi-Flux® cartridge, great-tasting and safe water can be drunk every day.

The MikroPLASTIK-STOP™ filter's effectiveness has been tested by independent, accredited laboratories in Italy and Germany and shown to be capable of blocking over 99.5% of microplastics as small as 0.1 µm that may be present in mains water. For particles of 1 μm and above, the percentage of microplastics blocked is over 99.99%.

An overview of the MikroPLASTIK-STOP™ filter:

What does it filter out? Stops 99.99% of particles ≥0.1 µm (micrometres) in size, such as microplastics, that may be present in mains water.

Which Laica product is it compatible with? MikroPLASTIK-STOP™ jug – check it out

How long does it last? 1000 litres or about one year of use

quante bottiglie di plastica consumi

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