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Detox habits: 3 simple ways to cleanse your body of toxins

Feb 28, 2024 9:00:00 AM

Toxins are harmful substances which build up in our bodies due to environmental and emotional factors, such as a hectic or stressful life, or as a..

Filter jug: is it normal to find tiny black particles near the filter?

Dec 21, 2023 4:57:00 PM

Using a filter jug for your hydration needs is a practical and, above all, environmentally friendly choice. With a filter jug, you can avoid using..

The 6 benefits of filtered water

Dec 13, 2023 11:17:00 AM

In recent years, filtered water has become increasingly common sight in our homes and on our dining tables: filter bottles and jugs or filters fitted..

ISEO Breakfast Set: the perfect pairing of toaster and filter kettle

Dec 4, 2023 1:58:00 PM

Often overlooked, a toaster is a household appliance which can quickly make itself irreplaceable in your kitchen. Something which can make our..

The effects of caffeine: comparing 5 positives and 4 negatives

Nov 27, 2023 1:32:00 PM

Found in coffee, tea, chocolate and certain energy drinks, caffeine has the power to give us a boost in the morning and can keep us awake in the..

Home Water Filtration: What You Need to Know [Ultimate Guide]

Nov 21, 2023 2:16:39 PM

Drinking water's good for you. Drinking water is good for us because hydration improves and purifies our system.Drinking water is very important and..

How to keep your filter jug or bottle clean and safe

Oct 31, 2023 1:04:00 PM

People who buy a filter appliance generally do so because they want to drink 'better' water at home: carrying less weight, drinking water that tastes..

Which water filter should you choose? Guide to all LAICA filters

Oct 22, 2023 3:30:00 PM

Not all water filters are the same. It's important to explore this issue because, when we talk about filtration appliances, we often tend to only..

Water in a glass bottle: try GlaSSmart – it filters as you pour

Oct 18, 2023 2:30:00 PM

Using a glass bottle for water is often recommended as a way of replacing the use of disposable plastic water bottles. Of course, this is a good..