Water filtration 5 little-known benefits

Water is the source of life, a crucial element which our bodies need to function properly. However, not all water is the same. Drinking high-quality water is crucial for our health and general well-being, and this can be easily achieved by filtering it.

In this article, we will take a detailed look at the benefits of filtered water, on top of the well-known advantages in terms of safety and taste to find out more about five lesser known aspects that can improve your life. Let’s get started!

1 - Filtered water gives you skin healthier and keeps you hydrated

ragazza-beve-acqua-filtrata-e-sorrideAlthough tap water is safe to drink, it may contain chlorine and calcium, two elements which can cause dry skin and irritation. By filtering water through a simple filter, which can be applied directly to the tap, these impurities are reduced, helping you to have better hydrated, more radiant, and healthier skin.

In addition, filtered water helps to reduce acne and other skin problems, for a more even and toned complexion. When you are exercising or doing a fitness class, it is also always advisable to drink filtered water because it is a higher quality product that helps your body to replenish the fluids (hydration) lost during exercise, including mineral salts which the body needs and which are naturally present in tap water.

2 - Filtered water reduces exposure to heavy metals

Advanced filtration systems are able to remove traces of heavy metals such as lead and mercury, which can be harmful to your health. Drinking filtered water helps to reduce exposure to these harmful substances, protecting the central nervous system, the immune system, and other vital organs.

Heavy metals such as iron, arsenic, and cadmium are natural elements formed over several millennia which are part of the earth’s crust and which have been released into the environment through volcanic eruptions, floods, as well as through human activity such as deforestation and mining.

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Heavy metals can be potentially harmful when they exceed the legally imposed limits. As we have repeatedly said in many articles on our blog, Italian tap water is safe because it is constantly monitored across the whole mains network, but domestic filtration helps to further improve the water in our homes.

The effects of heavy metals on our health can vary but with a simple filter to remove them, we can drink tap water without fear or anxiety and greater safety.

3 - Filtered water improves digestion

donna-beve-acqua-filtrata-digestioneFiltered water is purer and easier to digest compared with unfiltered tap water. This is because filtration removes chlorine and other substances which can interfere with the digestive process by slowing it down and making it more complex.

Regularly drinking filtered water helps to improve the absorption of nutrients, facilitating digestion, and reducing the sensation of bloating.

4 - Filtered water has a lower environmental impact

The use of filtered water dramatically and instantly reduces consumption of single-use plastic bottles of water, with a positive impact on the environment. Single-use plastic bottles are one of the main sources of pollution, and manufacturing and disposing of them causes significant harm to the planet. Furthermore, as we have seen many times, these bottles are very often responsible for the pollution of entire ecosystems with microplastics.

There are countless stories about microplastics being found in environments which were thought to be completely unspoiled, such as glaciers and the seabed. Traces of microplastics have even been found in people’s blood. However, the most significant news has been the confirmation of a clear correlation between microplastics and harm to human health. By choosing to drink filtered water, we can contribute to reducing the amount of plastic waste produced and make an environmentally sustainable choice. Don’t believe us? Use the LAICA calculator to see how much plastic you could save each year by choosing to drink filtered water!


5 - Filtered water tastes good!

Chlorine is used to sterilise the water, meaning it is safe throughout its journey to our homes. Unfortunately, it is this chlorine which gives tap water its sometimes slightly bitter taste. Simply using a filter jug, tap filter, or filter bottle can remove quantities of chlorine so that the water always has a pleasant taste.

In addition, water filtration can help to:

  • Reduce limescale in kitchen appliances: filtered water helps to prevent the formation of limescale in kitchen appliances such as kettles and coffee machines, extending their lifespan and reducing the need for maintenance.
  • Provide better water for cooking: filtered water is ideal for cooking as it brings out the full flavour of the ingredients, making for tastier meals.
  • Stop transporting heavy loads: with a tap filter or a simple filter jug, you no longer have to spend time buying heavy packs of single-use plastic water bottles, transport them home, and find space in the house to store them.
  • Save money: the more water you drink, the cheaper filtered water is, helping you to save a considerable amount each year. Still not convinced? Find out more details using the LAICA calculator!

To sum up, drinking filtered water is a choice which represents an investment for your health, your well-being, and the environment. There are many benefits, some well-known, others less so, which can significantly improve our quality of life. Choosing to drink filtered water may seem like a small gesture but it can contribute to a big change, for you and for the planet!

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