The 6 benefits of filtered water

In recent years, filtered water has become increasingly common sight in our homes and on our dining tables: filter bottles and jugs or filters fitted directly onto your kitchen tap are just some of the filtration options to improve the taste of the drinking water which comes out of our taps.

What are the benefits that are encouraging more and more families to drink filtered water?

1 - Safety

benefits of tap water

Is tap water safe? Yes, it is.

The water that comes out of the taps in Italy is safe, indeed it is some of the safest in Europe or anywhere in the world (only Austria, Sweden, Ireland, and Hungary are better according to a report by the European Environmental Agency).

This is the result of the extensive distribution network which is regularly inspected and constantly improved.
According to a recent survey by ISTAT (Italian National Institute of Statistics), more than 86% of Italian families are very satisfied or fairly satisfied with their water supply.

2 - Taste

One Italian in three does not drink tap water (ISTAT data).
The results of a number of studies on Italy's water mains and the water supply network show that tap water is generally safe and tested. ISTAT also reports that more than 75% of families are very satisfied or fairly satisfied by the odour, flavour, and clarity of the water supplied to their homes.

quante bottiglie di plastica consumi
Even though by its very nature water is correctly referred to as being “flavourless”, many people complain that their tap water has an unpleasant taste due to high amounts of calcium or chlorine (usually dissolved in water mains to disinfect drinking water). This strong, almost "metallic” flavour can definitely be improved! How?

Most filter systems act largely on chlorine and calcium, reducing the content of these elements and significantly improving the flavour, making the filtered water more pleasant to drink.

3 - Ease & Convenience

Without doubt, turning on the tap in your kitchen and enjoying a glass of water is one of life's simplest pleasures. Whenever you want, you just twist a handle and the water is literally "on tap".

It is a convenience that you should never take for granted, a service that ensures this high quality resource is always available.

In short, having fresh water at home is something you never have to worry about.

4 - The secret ingredient

woman drinking glass of water

One of the most under-appreciated benefits of filtered water is its use in recipes. Why not use water as an ingredient? Did you know that water has a big effect on all sorts of recipes?

Whether you are making a cake, vegetable soup or just cooking pasta, water is one of the key elements. The use of filtered water in cooking helps to bring out the full taste of the ingredients, preserving those most delicate flavours and intense aromas.

Even a simple mug of chamomile tea in the evening before bed or a cup of coffee in the morning can taste even better with filtered water.

5 - Saving Money

benefits of filtered water

“Filter bottles and jugs are very expensive and difficult to maintain!”

It is true that most filter jug systems do require maintenance but this is a very simple and straightforward task which only takes a few simple steps.

In addition, a filter lasts an average of 4 weeks (around 120-150 L) and, if used correctly, in a single year it can deliver significant savings compared with other solutions.

6 - Protecting the environment

Lastly, let us not forget that a water filtration system such as a bottle with an integrated filter, which is easy to refill, to store, and carry, has a significantly lower impact compared with using disposable plastic water bottles.
These solutions can help a family to substantially reduce its environmental impact.

So we can conclude that water filtration devices are a good investment for the home because they provide a number of benefits for our everyday lives, ensuring that we always have a convenient supply of safe and good tasting water.

In addition, there is a growing range of solutions to suit any lifestyle: if you spend a lot of time at home with the family there are jugs of various sizes, colours and shapes; if you live on your own or are often on the move, the handy filter bottles are more practical. Which water filtering system will you choose?

quante bottiglie di plastica consumi

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